It all started during a tiki tour with a friend. We noticed the excessive amount of roadkills, particularly possum, and decided to count them on our way back; calculate the average amount of dead animal per square kilometre. Besides this turning out to be a much more fun and exciting game then expected, it also inspired me.

I started a quest for the best looking 3D possum I could find in order to fulfil my needs for this artistic image which popped into my mind. A beautiful picture of a dead animal, laying alongside the road; on its back; feet up; in all black and white; with lots of sky and preferably some trees.

It may come as a surprise to you, but this turned out to be quite the fair challenge.

All of a sudden the “offerings” left a lot to be desired.The animals where either not “fresh” enough; not enough 3D; too much run over. There was no right background; no scenery; no stunning view. No good lighting; no correct angle or possibility to take the shot. Or there was simply no way to pull over and park the car.

After an extensive search of meticulously scanning every roadkill en route for a week and a half or so I finally found a dead possum I could work with. Sure it wasn’t you’re dreamy dead animal, but it came close enough. I took the time to adjust my camera settings, searched for the angle of my liking and skipped back to the car satisfied as I got it right the first time.

As always with this sort of thing the next day a cute little sparrow just happened to drop dead in front of me – figure of speech of course – lying perfectly on its back, legs sticking up, as if it had just fallen from the sky. As you will understand, I couldn’t resist this ‘picture perfect’  so I reached for my camera and took the shot. A series was born.

After some editing I excitedly posted my photos on Facebook. Disappointingly however people didn’t seem to value my work. I got some very emotional responses.

Be that as it may, it’s been weeks since my post and I still receive the occasional lugubrious dead animal photo – some recognisable and some not so recognisable – complete with matching cheerful comment sent to me saying things like: “happy Friday to you my friend” or “mashed pigeon, reminded me of you, x“. Not to forget my friends getting all wound up about spotting a dead creature and pointing it out to me.

So as it turns out, people do get excited by dead animal photography. Or at least they get excited about me getting excited.

Incase your secretly curious: